PEP- Parents Enrichment Programmer
Our parents Enrichment program has been conceptualized and designed after studying and understanding the need of today’s concerned parents and the demanding children of 21st century. In today’s fast moving and changing socio economic environment, and the emerging trend to follow and adapt the westernized life style substantiated by the concept of nuclear families is depriving the young generation of the guidance, shelter of the elderly member of the family. This has lead to weakening / uprooting of the traditional Indian value systems, posing a major threat to a sound, stable & value based foundation for a bright and successful career and peaceful life.
The growing children today are undergoing unprecedented stress due to various invisible pressures from all around-like peer pressures, parents’ expectations, expectations from the teaching fraternity, societal expectations and personal expectations.
Today’s children are not able to cope up with the ever increasing expectations from various spheres of life and moreover not able to get quality time from the parents either -because of parents own commitment & engagements. This situation has lead to disastrous distancing between the parents and children. The children today are succumbing to the pressures, resorting to immoral & unethical practices, which are proving to the detrimental to their very own existence and future - resulting in clinical depression and increased tendency to committing suicides etc.
Our program is carefully modeled to address the burning issues confronted by the children & patents and helps in bridging the gap arising out of the current socio economic environment and emerging life style.
The program deals with the quality aspects of successful parenting and effective handling of inter personal issues/challenges arising out of the generation gap and increasing expectations. The program also offers effective ways to ensure proper and healthy up bringing of the young children to build a stronger & firmly bonded family, society and the nation in times to come.