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The world today in the 21st century is witnessing accelerated technological advancements and undergoing rapid changes. The major challenge posed by the ongoing technological development and subsequent changes is the demand to quickly adapt to the changing situations and circumstances and meet the unprecedented global competition.

This has necessarily called for a greater need for creativity, continuous self development and increased personal responsibility, further proving, confirming and establishing the growing need and increasing importance of Personal Empowerment for each individual in the workforce and in all aspects and spheres of life.

Human beings, by nature are Success loving animals, since each and every individual is born with an inert and ardent desire to excel and succeed.

We at Empower Incorp. believe that the resources required for an individual to put his life on a fast track of success and successfully graduate from Good to Great are already within us. The only need is to identify, understand and follow the process to personal empowerment by focusing essentially on the incredible insights which are the ultimate key factors of achieving the desired success.

The journey of Empower Incorp. started in the year 2001, in a small room measuring 8\10 sq ft. The idea was conceived by a young, dynamic self made man with immense struggle after 18 years of in depth study, critical analysis and careful evaluation of people from different age groups, genders, cross cultural background, varied interest areas by understanding, realizing and exploring the hidden potential with an objective to understand why people behave the way they behave and then dedicated, devoted and committed to help people transform their lives with a slogan:

“Developing people – Changing Lives”

we believe

In line with the natural growth process, our beginning was also very small and to begin with only 2 participants enrolled and attended the personality development program –

“The Born Winner”

Then subsequently, publicity through the word of mouth revealing the quality of content, the delivery and finally the take home advantage coupled with substantial value addition lead to an overwhelming response resulting in multiple batches attending the prog………the trend then continued.

The spurt in the response inspired and encouraged us to make forward movement and we successfully graduated into other areas like – Life Skills Training, Soft Skills Training, Pharmaceutical Training, Corporate Training, Sales training, Programs for Educational Institutes, Coaching and Counseling.

Our endeavor has been to maintain high degree of professional competence and organizational excellence with no room for any compromise on quality at all levels. As of now thousands of students, Professionals, Executives, Managers and parents have successfully attended and benefited through our program across the country.

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