About Us
The journey of Empower Inc India (formerly known as Centre for Human Resource Development) started 8 years ago in the year 2001, in a small room measuring 8\10 sq ft. The idea was conceived by a young, dynamic self made man with immense struggle after 18 years of in depth study, critical analysis and careful evaluation of people from different age groups, genders, cross cultural background, varied interest areas by understanding, realizing and exploring the hidden potential with an objective to understand why people behave the way they behave and then dedicated, devoted and committed to a mission called “ people” to help them transform their lives with a slogan –
“Developing people – Changing Lives”
A thousand miles journey begins with a single step…………..Chinese proverb. Similarly in line with the natural growth process, our beginning was also very small and to begin with only 2 participants enrolled and attended the personality development program –
“The Born Winner”
Then subsequently, publicity through the word of mouth revealing the quality of content, the delivery and finally the take home advantage coupled with substantial value addition lead to an overwhelming response resulting in multiple batches attending the program……...the trend then continued.
The spurt in the response inspired and encouraged us to make forward movement and we successfully graduated into other areas like – Corporate Training, Sales training, Soft Skills Training, Life Skills Training, coaching and Counseling and a specially designed 3 day workshop – “ Access to Greater Success” to name a few and are still expanding our wings.
Our endeavor has been to maintain high degree of professional competence and organizational excellence with no room for any compromise on quality at all levels. As of now more then 25,000 students, Professionals, Executives, Managers and parents have successfully attended and benefited through our programs across the country.
As of now more then 25,000 students, Prefessionals, Executives, Managers and parents have successfully attended and benefited through our programmes across the country.
We Believe
We at Empower Incorp believe that the strength of a nation lies in the quality of its people and in order to direct and lead from the front we need to have strong values, good morale and great ethics in place. The value system, principal based approach and the character in general are the reflection of the quality of people exhibited through their behavior –mirroring the way people think, the belief system, attitude along with the knowledge level and skill sets they possess.
The better is the quality of thinking, belief system and character of people the better would be the quality of people and better the quality of people the stronger and powerful the nation is going to be. So, we understand and believe – in order to build a stronger and powerful nation – The first and foremost thing is to Empower the people.
A healthy mind is the best wealth – That must be valued, cared and nurtured to ensure proper development of human resource since this is one priceless asset which largely influences and determines the culture, the environment of a nation and ultimately – The direction and speed of country’s growth and development to build a powerful and strong country.